MJC Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Our Products !!!

We produce steel office furniture for large corporations and home office use.  We have six basic
products with five handle types
and six standard colors.  Our products have all the standard features
that you expect, but with a higher quality construction.  Our primary goal is to keep the clients coming
back to buy from us again and again.
About Us !!!

We are a family business located near Hongkong serving the South Asia area for the past eight years.  
We started our company in 2004 as office furniture traders.  After becoming partners with our main
supplier, we have narrowed the scope of our company to steel office storage cabinets only.  We are
always trying our best to improve the quality of our products, so that you, the client, will want to buy
from us again.
What's New?

Our web page is new.  Our company is not.  We have been around since 2004, however, we focused more on
wholesale.  For 2012, we now offer retail products and services.  This means we no longer have a MOQ for all
of our standard products.  Note:  Custom size, colors, and designs will still require a MOQ.
  • Our products are built to last more than 10 years.
  • We will never permanently change the basic design, so you can order the same item again at any time.
  • We will never send SPAM mail. We have a small sales team waiting for you to contact us.
  • We will fix or replace any defects that you may find for up to one full year after purchase.
Steel Office Storage Cabinets