Lateral File Cabinets
MJC Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Lateral Filing Cabinet

Available with 2 D, 3 D, 4 D drawer types.

Two Drawer.    Size: 900W*450D*711H
Three Drawer. Size: 900W*450D *1016H
Four Drawer.   Size: 900W*450D *1320H

1. Epoxy powder coating finish.
2. Ball bearing rail.
3. Replaceable lock with master key and  
  removable key.
4. Drawer can hang A4 & F4 size hanging file.
5. Safety mechanism system prevents two or
  more drawer from opening simultaneously.

Light Grey, Dark Grey, Beige,
Black, White, Silver in smooth
and texture finishes.

Custom colors and custom size is available with MOQ.