Shutter Door Cabinets
MJC Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Shutter Door Cabinet

One adjustable shelf.        Size: 900W*450D*900H
Two adjustable shelves.    Size: 900W*450D*1500H
Three adjustable shelves. Size: 900W*450D*1800H
Four adjustable shelves.   Size: 900W*450D*2100H

1. Epoxy powder coating finish.
2. Replaceable ABS plastic strip.
3. Replaceable lock with master key and removable key.
4. Hidden plastic rail.
5. Adjustable shelf.
6. ABS plastic strip in 4 different standard colors of:
  Light Grey, Beige, Dark Grey and Black.

Light Grey, Dark Grey, Beige, Black, White,
Silver in smooth and texture finishes.

Custom colors and custom size
is available with MOQ.